“I’m an actress, but I’m not just an actress”

Said Audrey Tautou in her most recent NY Times interview 

https://mobile.nytimes.com/slideshow/2017/06/20/t-magazine/audrey-tautou-superfacial/s/19tmag-audrey-slide-3S87.html ? Referer = http: //m.facebook.com/

Referring to his photography work entitled Superfacial.

A series of self-portraits and some photos of journalists who interviewed her in the course of her career.

I found it very timely and more than that, it needed this reference as I also do an authorial work with photography and much of it with self portraits. For some time I felt the prejudice of the two camps, the plastic arts and the acting. I came to hear that I should decide between being an actress or a photographer. I feel that my work speaks precisely of going beyond this expert view.
Often when his image is known to the general public, it becomes essential for the artist to question the very nature of fame. Transposing your work beyond it.

When Audrey Tautou says she is an actress but not just an actress, she refers to her identity as an artist, revealing all of her complexity regardless of fame. To talk about it is, in a way, a subversion, accepted by some and rejected by many. But artists are increasingly using the means of production common in their work of authorship, and daring to reshape the image in a world that banishes it to the extreme.

In a time when selfies of famous actresses are worth many likes, redefining the image is a brave attitude and I would say, even avant-garde. In the quest for originality using something of common sense, Audrey subverts what is expected of an actress. After all you are what you propose to be and not the reverse.

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